Purification through Joy:
A 3-day Online Vajrasattva Retreat
with Michael Lobsang Tenpa

December 15 – 17

Mastering Vajrasattva's Purification Practice while Preparing for the New Year

The practice of Buddha Vajrasattva is a powerful meditation technique of the Indo-Tibetan tradition, used primarily for purifying negative compulsions (negative karma), but sometimes also employed as a method for uniting our mind with its deepest potential (the practice of guru yoga) or manifesting pure vision.

Vajrasattva’s purification practice incorporates all the quintessential elements of Buddhist training—taking refuge, training in wisdom, training in compassion and love, strengthening our ethics, training in mindfulness—and supplements those with four powerful psychological states known as the four opponent powers.

In this 3-day online retreat with Buddhist translator Michael Lobsang Tenpa, we will explore Vajrasattva’s purification practice from the ground up, gradually building our confidence with regards to this profound method. 

Starting with a general explanation of visualisation techniques in Buddhism, Tenpa will guide us through the symbolism, logic and benefits of Vajrasattva meditation, through different ways of chanting (or reciting) Vajrasattva’s mantras and praises, and through certain additional techniques that can be used to make the purification process more powerful and joyful.

The online retreat will be firmly practice-oriented. This means that every session will include some meditation, supplemented by explanations and additional activities (such as journaling and Q&A). 

The end result for all the participants will be a deeper understanding of Vajrasattva practice and way to use it for greater eudaemonic wellbeing. 

Throughout the retreat, we will also make an emphasis on the quality of joy, using it to make our practice more meaningful and more aligned with the name of Vajrasattva’s (and Akshobhya’s) pure land – Abhirati, or “Manifest Joy”.

Some of the topics covered will include:

  • Logic and benefit of visualisation and chanting practices in Buddhism
  • Origin of Vajrasattva practices
  • Symbolism of Vajrasattva’s appearance
  • Different versions of Vajrasattva practice
  • Four opponent powers and their roots in Buddhist sutras
  • Wisdom as a purifying agent in Buddhism
  • How compassion and love deepen our devotional practices
  • Vajrasattva’s mantras: meaning and ways of chanting
  • Using Vajrasattva practice as a guru yoga
  • Connection between Vajrasattva practice and our subtle nervous system
  • Training in mindfulness through Vajrsattva

Session schedule (for all 3 days)

The schedule is given in UK time

11:00 – 12:30 – Session 1

2:00 – 3:30pm – Session 2

4:30 – 6pm – Session 3

7:00 – 8:00pm – Session 4

The entire retreat will include 12 sessions. You are welcome to join the entire retreat for full effect, or catch the sessions you can and then go through the recordings in an orderly manner.

All the participants will receive supporting materials, all the recordings, and additional guided meditations for continuous personal practice.

Any questions related to the theme of the retreat can also be submitted to the teacher throughout the days of the retreat.

If you need bursary assistance or a discount for the retreat, please contact us at office@contemplative-consciousness.net

Time & Location

About the teacher

Michael Lobsang Tenpa is a Tibetan Buddhist translator, meditation instructor, Cultivating Emotional Balance (CEB) teacher and student of EcoDharma. 

Born in Siberia, he earned BA and MA degrees in South Asian studies, worked in social media and eventually received ordination in Nepal, spending nine years as a Tibetan Buddhist monastic before switching to the path of a lay teacher/practitioner. In addition to years of Buddhist studies and translator work (including translating and interpreting for Lama Alan Wallace on many occasions), he also trained as a secular ethics and mindfulness instructor in the Netherlands, the UK and the US. 

In addition to being a teacher, he also serves as the communications and development officer for the CCN.


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