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Contemplative Consciousness Network – is a UK-based charity, with an international network, dedicated to the development and practice of contemplative science. Contemplative science (a term coined by Dr B Alan Wallace) is the bridge between the empirical study of the science of consciousness and the subjective, experiential study of consciousness through contemplation.

Relying on the discoveries in the field of contemplative studies and contemplative psychology, the CCN organises teaching events and creates digital content to support practitioners in cultivating stable and genuine wellbeing, also known as “eudaemonic happiness”.

We offer a wide range of materials, mostly available for free or by donation, to make sure our supporters have access to high-quality resources related to mental healthy, attentional training, and the cultivation of emotional balance.


The CCN General Fund covers the annual costs of running the organisation, developing digital content and keeping our community afloat. We are grateful for your generosity!

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