Joyful Heart: Exploring The Four Immeasurables

Join Buddhist meditation teacher, David Oromith, for a practical exploration of the Four Immeasurables – loving-kindness, compassion, empathetic joy and equanimity.

About This Course

During this course, which was recorded live at Jamyang Buddhist Centre in London in 2024, we explore the cultivation of the heart and mind through the practices of the Four Immeasurables.

At a time when there is so much division, isolation and separateness, it’s more important than ever to enhance our emotional connection with others. These four practices – loving-kindness, compassion, empathetic joy and equanimity – open the heart and bring joy into our lives, countering any imbalances in the way we view ourselves, and deepening and healing our relationships with others.

The benefits of these attitudes are very powerful and special – as soon as we generate an attitude of loving-kindness, we start feeling more calm and peaceful, and naturally share this feeling with other beings. With regular practice, we can notice our empathy and love grow, resulting in a more joyful and fulfilling life through our connection with others.

These practices are accessible to anyone seeking inner transformation—whether Buddhist or not.

"The cultivation of loving kindness is ideally suited for the bustling world we live in. It generates a quality of mind that wishes for the well-being of others, and at the same time it profoundly enhances our ability to attain well-being in our own lives. Instead of focusing on a poised state of mental peace, it is a discursive meditation that penetrates deeper into the root causes of our dissatisfactions and transforms them. It offers us a way to understand the distortions of the mind, and a way to defuse these distortions by means of an attitude of loving kindness that springs from the essential purity of our minds."
- B. Alan Wallace

The Teacher

David Oromith_square

David Oromith is a Buddhist contemplative and meditation guide with a background in mental health services. Having practised meditation since the age of 18, his journey into Buddhism began through personal struggles with depression and anxiety, leading him to the Buddha’s teachings. 

David has studied under various teachers, with Lama Alan as his root guru, and is influenced by Tibetan Buddhism among other traditions, recognising the value and benefit of multiple points-of-view. He focuses on meditation training and core, practical Buddhist principles in his teachings. He is the author of the book A Practical Guide to Mindful Living and leads several retreats across the UK every year, as well as teaching online and in person across South Wales. 

David’s engaging style is clear, practical, and relatable, hoping to make ancient practices applicable to modern life. He envisions and works towards the establishment of the Samadhi Eco Retreat Centre as a community for spiritual development.

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