CCN - The Contemplative Consciousness Network - is an international network with charitable status which is dedicated to the development and practice of contemplative science.

Contemplative science, a term coined by Dr B Alan Wallace, is the bridge between the empirical study of the science of consciousness and the subjective, experiential study of consciousness through contemplation.

Our network promotes the study of contemplative science by running a range of events through the year, including residential retreats, day-long and week-long workshops led by Alan Wallace; dialogues between scientists and contemplatives; a monthly study group in London and an informative newsletter.

We also organise workshops and talks led by other contemplatives and attended by people from all over the UK and Europe.

CCN has no religious affiliation but we draw on wisdom traditions that have contemplative practice, such as Buddhism, Vedanta and Christianity. Our network is made up of people from all walks of life, including many from the mindfulness movement.

Our shared interest is to find genuine happiness, mental and emotional balance and flourishing for ourselves and our communities.

The Noble Eightfold Path

CCN in its practices, collectively and individually, reflects the principles of the Buddhist Noble Eight Fold Path within its management and financial practices as well as in its charitable relations with individuals and organisations.

  1. Authentic View
  2. Authentic Motivation
  3. Authentic Speech
  4. Authentic Action
  5. Authentic Occupation/Livelihood
  6. Joyous Effort
  7. Authentic Mindfulness
  8. Authentic Concentration/Meditation

Inclusivity, Diversity & Equality

CCN in its practices recognizes, celebrates and cultivates both the diversity and fundamental equality of all human beings.