Wisdom Traditions

CCN - The Contemplative Consciousness Network - is an international network with charitable status which is dedicated to the development and practice of contemplative science.

Wisdom traditions are found in religion, as in the contemplative traditions of Buddhism, Christianity, Vedanta, Daoism, Sufism; and in the history of philosophy, as in the writings of Plato and Aristotle, which were Christianised in the Neo-Platonic schools in the early Church, and as such still survive today.
Wisdom in this sense refers to means of personal transformation, of expanding our consciousness in the ways we understand and relate to our world.
Through such practices, we may rediscover universal truths about our own identity, our potential for goodness, the nature of genuine happiness, and the role of consciousness in the universe. These truths have been revealed throughout history by the great wisdom traditions of human civilization, including religion, philosophy, and science. We are now poised for the greatest renaissance the world has seen, for the first time integrating the ancient and modern insights of the East and West.
The time is ripe for humanity to take the next step in our spiritual evolution so that we can successfully rise to the challenges of today’s world and flourish in the world to come.

This Network is not about teaching religion as such, but it does draw on the wisdom traditions of the world, acknowledging that there are multiple avenues for exploring all facets of the natural world, contemplative, philosophical, and scientific, and no one method, even the scientific method, should suppress the insights of the others.

For more information on groups which are teaching contemplative skills based in the different religious traditions or none, please click here to visit our Links page.