Truth in Science, Art and the Spiritual

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Truth in Science, Art and the Spiritual

Bohm spoke of the scientific spirit, the artistic spirit and the religious spirit, all of which have certain things in common…One of the key elements of the scientific spirit is to acknowledge the fact, whether you like it or not, not to reject the fact or the interpretation of the fact, simply because you don’t like it. And this should equally apply of the religious or spiritual; not to engage in wishful thinking, otherwise, the truth would get lost in self-deception.

The other ‘spirit’ Bohm spoke of is the artistic spirit which searches for expressions of truth, that opens a portal into the unseen, bridging the gap between manifest reality and the underlying reality where the formless and unmanifest becomes manifest in form.

The Artist Sir Antony Gormley caught this idea beautifully in his sculpture Quantum Cloud in which he expresses graphically the truth that, everything is in a state of “becoming”, that each individual “is a place of transformation”.

Quantum cloud shows us the possibly of a body in a state of emergence, from the implicate to the Explicate, shining a light on the truth that we are the determiner of what we see, the subject and object become one, underpinning the profound truth of nonduality and that The Observer is the Observed…

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