The Guru-Disciple Relationship – Free Book & Guided Meditations

By Alan Wallace – A CCN publication

This 56-page book, published by CCN, clarifies the meaning of the teacher-student/guru-disciple relationship in Buddhism – particularly in Vajrayana and Dzogchen. The book is based on Dzogchen teachings that Lama Alan has given in recent years.

The role of the teacher is significant in all spiritual traditions although it can be difficult for western students to accept the level of respect and trust that is necessary when relating to a spiritual guide.

  • Chapter 1 introduces the subject with an explanation of the differences between secular and spiritual teacher-student relationships.
  • Chapter 2 presents Lama Alan’s teachings on the words guru and lama, and then explains the subtle differences in the way the guru is perceived through the Three Turnings of the Wheel.
  • Chapter 3 describes the qualities to seek in an authentic guru; the qualities a disciple aspires to cultivate to establish a meaningful relationship; the benefits of the relationship for the disciple, and the importance of equal reverence for all teachers.

The book comes with an accompanying CD of Six guided meditations given by Lama Alan support the explanations in the book.

Envisioning Our Own Flourishing:

Mindfulness Of Breathing:

Settling The Mind In Its Natural State:

Cultivating The Causes Of Genuine Happiness:

Introduction To Guru Yoga Meditation:

Shower Of Blessings:

The text for Shower of Blessings is given in the book, along with a beautiful black and white photograph of Guru Rinpoche with consort.

May this book encourage all those who wish to learn from authentic teachers and seek to benefit from Buddha-dharma.

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