Public Talk The Fundamental Nature of Reality

16th July 2017, Sydney 


Audio Files

Below are several guided meditations in basic Shamatha Meditation by Alan Wallace which you can try for yourself.

  1. Settling the Body in it’s Natural State
  2. Field of Tactile Sensations
  3. Resting in the Silent Domain of the Body
  4. Introspection Meditation
  5. Shamatha Without a Sign
  6. A Focus on Vividness
  7. Awareness of Awareness
  8. Balancing Earth & Sky
  9. Loving Kindness Meditation

Podcasts from SBI’s 8 Week retreats in Phuket, Thailand

Since 2010, SBI has run regular 8-Week retreats in Phuket, Thailand, taught by Alan Wallace. All the teachings and guided meditations from these retreats are recorded and made available for free download. Click here for SBI’s podcast download page.

Videos from Alan Wallace’s Dream Yoga retreat in Brazil January 2015

Click here for the YouTube channel featuring videos from this retreat.