22 - 27 August 2022


8 - 10 September 2022

Dear Friends

Thank you for your patience whilst waiting for the retreat & registration details.

This year Lama Alan will be teaching us LIVE – in REAL TIME
– whilst we students are gathered together as a sangha simultaneously throughout the world !

This year we have TWO Retreats to nourish us.
The August retreat is our usual annual retreat.
This will be available in Spanish in December.

In addition, Lama Alan is offering a retreat especially for
our Spanish speaking sangha in September.
This will be translated into Spanish simultaneously during the retreat.
We hope that this will become another annual treat!
Next year it will based in Barcelona in association with the House of Tibet

All Sessions are LIVE in REAL TIME via the Zoom Platform. For those outside of the time zone the teachings will be available 36 hours later.
ALL SESSIONS ARE BEING RECORDED and will be made available to all who register so that you might return to them again and again.

You can register for each retreat separately, or you can register for both retreats at the same time and take advantage of a 20% discount offered. This discount applies to both English and Spanish speakers.

We very much look forward to our gathering together again as a sangha in August & September.

Elizabeth & Jude

August Retreat

Transforming The Mind By Fathoming Its Nature

Atisha – 12 C Tangka – Tibet

This portrait of Atisha, among the oldest preserved, shows him as an enlightened being with golden skin and a halo, seated on an elaborate jeweled throne. His right hand is held in the teaching gesture and he holds a bound palm-leaf manuscript in his left.

The Metropolitan Museum, New York.

Atisha's Mahāmudrā & Lama Alan's Commentary On Atisha's Seven Point Mind Training.

I bow to supreme, holy beings
whose light rays of speech 
open the lotuses of the hearts
of all deluded beings without exception,
including myself.

Homage to the Protector of the World , Lokanātha [i.e., Avalokiteśvara]!

22 - 27 August 2022

5 – 8pm BST | 9am – 12md PST | 12noon – 3pm EST | 6 – 9pm CEST

Check your local time zone HERE

During this six-day retreat, Lama Alan Wallace will present a commentary on The Seven-Point Mind Training, which stems from the teachings of the 11th-century Indian Buddhist scholar and contemplative Atisha and was first written down by the 12th-century Tibetan monk Chekawa.

This training summarizes the bodhisattva way of life by integrating theories and practices for the cultivation of ultimate and relative bodhicitta.

Beginning with a careful investigation of the nature of the mind and its relation to nature as a whole, resulting in a realization of emptiness and dependent origination, this training then leads one to the experience of profound compassion and the transformation of all experiences into means of furthering one’s spiritual growth.

Atisha was not only one of India’s greatest pandits and bodhisattvas, but also a renowned siddha, or contemplative adept, who was trained by Naropa and other masters of Mahamudra.

Following his teachings on The Seven-Point Mind Training, Lama Alan will conclude this retreat with teachings on Atisha’s root text on Mahamudra, entitled, Essential, Synthesized Practical Instructions on Connate Union.

September Retreat

“Transforming Felicity & Adversity Into The Spiritual Path” and Instructions on the Middle Way

8, 9 & 10 September 2022

5 – 8pm BST | 9am – 12md PST | 12noon – 3pm EST | 6 – 9pm CEST

Check your local time zone HERE

Organised by CCN with the collaboration of the Tibet House Foundation of Barcelona.

Once you have registered for the teaching, for those students who wish to attend and live in Barcelona or relatively close by, THE CASA DEL TIBET FOUNDATION will offer a room with a giant screen and Spanish translation, so that we can meet in person and watch these teachings together.


(In August you will not receive a reply from Tibet House, as it will be closed).

In times like these—a comment that could be made at any time in human history—it is imperative for those seeking to enrich their lives through spiritual practice to learn how to transform both good fortune and misfortune into the spiritual path.

We all know it is relatively easy to practice when our life circumstances are calm and relatively trouble-free, but in those times, it is also easy to procrastinate, as we let time slip by in little tasks and enjoyments.

When things get rough, it is hard to focus on spiritual practice, for our attention gets riveted on just getting through these hard times.

During this three-day retreat, Lama Alan Wallace will present a commentary on a classic Tibetan Buddhist text called “Transforming Felicity & Adversity into the Spiritual Path” composed by the eminent Dzogchen master, the Third Dodrupchen Rinpoche (1865-1926).

In these pith instructions, the author explains how to transform all experiences into means for spiritual maturation by means of both relative and ultimate truth, rooted in the Madhyamaka view of Nagarjuna and the view of the Great Perfection of Padmasambhava.

These instructions will be followed by an exploration of the Middle Way teachings by Atīśa.

If you are a nun, monk or an ordained minister – or – if you require a partial or full scholarship for any of these retreats

Please contact Jude –