Ondy Willson

Seminar ~ July 09, 2022

Exploring Our Vision Of The Path
An Immersive Webinar
With Ondy Willson

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Ondy Willson
Dharma Teacher

Exploring Our Vision Of The Path
An Immersive Webinar
With Ondy Willson

July 09, 2022 | 6pm – 8pm BST

Dear Friends,

We are excited to continue our series of webinars with esteemed guest speakers: researchers, scholars, contemplatives and respected teachers from different traditions of practice.

The first event in the series, Dr. Eve Ekman’s webinar on burnout and emotional balance, is now openly available on our YouTube channel here (please watch and share the links with friends + on social media!).

The next meeting in the series will be an immersive webinar with Ondy Willson — a professional educator, Buddhist teacher and mindfulness instructor known for her unique ability to offer practical, compassionate advice on mind-training in daily life.

In addition to being a long-time friend of the CCN sangha, Ondy has taught with Lama Alan Wallace’s communities in other countries and has done extensive work with first, second and third sector organisations in the United Kingdom.

In this case, Ondy will guide the participants in a unique immersive meditation that combines the skilful use of symbolism and guided imagery with our innate curiosity on the issue of how to use your life best.

As an interpreter, I have seen Ondy guide this practice for others on many occasions, and each time people have reported very powerful results and discoveries that continue to sustain them to this day. This is also true of my own experience—I’m still thinking back to the last time I’ve participated in this meditation!

If you are curious about using gentle guided imagery to deepen your conative intelligence and cultivate wise aspirations, please join us in this session.

Hoping to see you all soon,
Lobsang Tenpa on behalf of CCN

July 9 – 6pm BST
Exploring Our Vision of the Path
An immersive webinar with Ondy Willson

Understanding our deeper aspirations—beyond the foundational wish for happiness and wellbeing—can be tricky at times. What are the gifts we can give to the world, and, equally, what are the gifts that we need in order to feel safe and fulfilled in our journey?

While many people can benefit from simply considering these points and journaling about them, many answers can also be gleaned from using guided imagery exercises. In accessing the creative, luminous aspect of our own mind, we can cultivate a deeper understanding of the unique path that we want to follow to uncover our basic goodness.

This webinar with mindfulness and Buddhist teacher Ondy Willson will include basic explanations, an elaborate guided practice, an opportunity to ask questions about the meaning of the experience, and space for journaling about it. Registered participants will receive the recording and supporting materials that they continue working with.

Note: The guided meditation at the heart of this webinar is usually a powerful experience. To allow participants to integrate the results more deeply, we encourage you to have some drawing supplies on hand (paper, pencils, markers etc.). The practice is also more effective if done on one’s back (in the supine position), so please prepare a suitable meditation nest in advance!

Ondy Willson is a Dharma teacher working with both Buddhist and secular approaches to genuine wellbeing. Relying on her elaborate experience as a professional educator and storyteller, Ondy has over the years taught in multiple centres and organizations in India, Latvia, Finland, Russia, the Netherlands and the UK.

Combining her understanding of the intricate social realities with the powerful traditional teachings on mind training (Tib. lojong), Ondy has supported numerous students in cultivating ethical, emotional, and contemplative skills that make one’s life more meaningful and joyful. Ondy’s new book, “Spiritual Rebellion: Why We Need to Practise Mindfulness with Attitude” – is coming out later this year.

OndyWIllson.Com | Ondy’s InsightTImer Page

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