Dealing with 'Difficult' People - Dharma in Daily Life

March 7th, 2024 • 4pm-5.30pm (Europe/London)

Dharma in Daily Life

Dealing with “difficult” people with compassion and impartiality

Join us on Thursday, 7th March for our monthly series, ‘Dharma in Daily Life’ with Dr. Clara Seeger.

This month’s topic will be: dealing with “difficult” people with compassion and impartiality.

These 90-minute integration sessions are designed to help us imbue and transform our active daily lives through Dharma when we are surrounded by people and situations that may derail us.

There will be opportunities to share our challenges, examples, insights and ideas regarding the topic of the session, drawing on our understanding of Dharma, our practice and aspirations.

If there’s a willingness amongst participants, we could also put together a list of our top tips to share amongst the sangha and create a WhatsApp or Facebook group to support each other between sessions.

Please note, to maintain confidentiality these sessions will not be recorded.

Future topics to include: 

  • Avoiding gossip at social gatherings
  • Parenting with less attachment
  • Managing our triggers by applying antidotes
  • How to keep observing our mind as we go about our busy day
  • How to fit in formal/informal practice within an active way of life
  • Cultivating our relationships with non-practitioners
  • Noticing hedonic fixation and shifting towards genuine well-being
  • Responding to criticism from a Dharma perspective
  • Overcoming contempt, despair, despondency in the face of wars, politics, injustice, corruption
  • Transforming adversity into the path

Time & Location

The Teacher

Dr. Clara Seeger (PhD, MAC AKC)
ILM Accredited coach, corporate facilitator, speaker and author

About Dr. Clara Seeger

Clara Seeger, Founder of Enlightened Leaders, is an experienced mindfulness, neuroscience and mental balance coach and the author of Mindfulness at Work in a Week (Hachette, 2016). She holds a PhD in Literature and an M.Sc in Mindfulness: Neuroscience and Clinical Applications.

As a long-term meditation practitioner and student of B. Alan Wallace, on whose teachings she draws, she is well-versed in contemplative wisdom and meditation practice. With her commitment to enhancing people’s wellbeing, the clarity of her material and her enthusiasm for the practical benefits of meditation practice, Clara will guide you insightfully and compassionately through this series and support you in your integration and application of your insights and learning.


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