Compassion Without Despair: Navigating The World's Suffering

Sunday, February 18th, 2024 • 6pm-7.30pm (Europe/London) • Online (Zoom)


Join us for this special workshop exploring the Buddhist concepts of compassion and its ‘near enemy,’ despair.

During this workshop, we will explore how we attend to the suffering of others and our world, avoiding overwhelm, despair and feeling burdened. Sharing his own experience of compassion and despair, inspired by the teachings of Lama Alan Wallace, H.H. The Dalai Lama, and others, David will explore why we cultivate compassion for the sufferings of the world in the first place, and how to work with this crippling feeling of despair amid the suffering of our world.

Sunday 18th February
6pm-7.30pm (UK) • 7pm-8.30pm (CET) • 10am-11.30am (PST) • 11am-12.30pm (MST) • 1pm-2.30pm (EST) • See your timezone here.

"If you practice compassion, whether you believe in a religion or not, you will come to realize the value of compassion for your own peace of mind. The very atmosphere of your own life becomes happier, which promotes good health, perhaps even a longer life. By developing a warm heart, we can also transform others. As we become nicer human beings, our neighbors, friends, parents, spouses, and children experience less anger. They will become more warmhearted, compassionate, and harmonious. You will see the world around you change little by little. Even a small act of compassion grants meaning and purpose to our lives."
- H.H. The Dalai Lama

What We'll Explore

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The Teacher

David Oromith is the Operations Officer for the CCN, as well as co-founder of Samadhi. He is a Buddhist contemplative and meditation guide with a background in mental health services. Having practised meditation since the age of 18, his journey into Buddhism began through personal struggles with depression and anxiety, leading him to the Buddha’s teachings. 

David has studied under various teachers, with Lama Alan as his root guru, and is influenced by Tibetan Buddhism among other traditions, recognising the value and benefit of multiple points-of-view. He focuses on meditation training and core, practical Buddhist principles in his teachings. He is the author of the book A Practical Guide to Mindful Living and leads several retreats across the UK every year, as well as teaching online and in person across South Wales. 

David’s engaging style is clear, practical, and relatable, hoping to make ancient practices applicable to modern life. He envisions and works towards the establishment of the Samadhi Eco Retreat Centre as a community for spiritual development.

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