Offerings for the corporate world

Our work of promoting genuine wellbeing—eudaemonic happiness that comes from within—includes offering courses and methods for organisations working in private, public, and third sectors.

The central element of our offerings is the Cultivating Emotional Balance (or CEB) program, originally developed by Dr. Alan Wallace, Dr. Paul Ekman, and Dr. Eve Ekman—leading experts in the fields of contemplative practice, attentional training, and emotional psychology. This program provides participants with invaluable psychological skills contributing to increased resilience, empathy, compassion, and an increase in the general sense of wellbeing. It can be offered in a number of different forms—for example, as weekly classes or immersive workshops and retreats.

In offerring these classes, we help the participants (and communities) to cultivate balance in the domains of:

Conation (Desires and intentions)
Cognition (Perception and interpretation of reality)

In addition, we offer foundational courses on meditation, classes on somatic awareness / stress regulation skills, and facilitate one-day corporate retreats that combine mediation and relaxation experiences. We also develop unique programs catered to the needs of a specific organisation or community, always relying on time-tested systems of practice and scientific evidence gathered by our colleagues from across the globe.

The key word for all of these offerings is “balance”—we offer practices and create spaces conducive to finding deeper levels of emotional, attentional, cognitive, cognitive, ethical and social equilibrium.

The length and depth of individual offerings ranges from 1-hour introductory classes to 42-hour training courses. The aspiration is to always make sure that the participants leave with a number of tools they can then use to deepen their individual and communal wellbeing.

If you want to run an out-of-office event in London, we can additionally connect you to our partner organization offering a rental space fully suitable for our courses and retreats.

To learn more, contact our communications officer at [email protected]

Sample courses

A full outline for some sample courses, classes, and one-day retreats suitable for private, public, and non-governmental organisations can be explored in the following PDF documents.

Full-day courses (1 day and multiple days)

One-time classes (2-3 hours)

One-day deep relaxation retreat

All of these can be further adjusted to your needs.