Dwelling in the Heart of Reality (2020)

In this course, based on a six-day virtual retreat hosted by the CCN in 2020, the world-renowned Buddhist teacher, Dr. B. Alan Wallace, enters a dialogue with Dr. Eva Natanya, an experienced meditator and scholar of both Tibetan Buddhism and Christianity, to explore the deep parallels in practice and theory that may be found inthese two ancient contemplative traditions. 

Course materials include:
– Guided meditations & meditation techniques indispensable to developing a clear and stable practice. 
– Explanations on how the meditation of stillness, or shamatha, fits within the full scope of the Buddhist path of Dzogchen, or the Great Perfection & how the Christian practice of hesychasm, or silent stillness, becomes a mystical path to contemplative union with the mind of Christ.
– An experiential practice of interreligious dialogue

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