Embodying the Great Perfection

Join Dr Ian Baker for this four-part course exploring the history and practices of Dzogchen, exploring techniques for realising innate human freedom through body, breath, and mind in turbulent times.

About This Course

This four-part course explores the history and practices of Dzogchen–the culmination of the Tantric Buddhist tradition–in the context of “skillful means” for realizing the innate freedom of the human condition through practices of body, breath, and mind. 

Drawing on oral Tibetan Buddhist teachings, as well as cutting-edge science concerning bioelectricity and subtle energy, the course presents powerful and incisive techniques for optimizing awareness and collective wellbeing in our currently tumultuous and uncertain times, following the Dzogchen typology of View, Meditation, Action, Fruition.

Suggested Reading: Tibetan Yoga: Principles and Practices, pp. 243-279.

Course Format

This course consists of x4 2.5 hour video seminars with Dr. Ian Baker.

Part I: Refining the View
Part II: Perfecting the Path
Part III: Unifying Insight and Action
Part IV: Realising Spontaneous Fruition

What's Included

The Teacher

Dr. Ian Baker is a distinguished anthropologist and cultural historian with advanced degrees from the University of Oxford and the University of Strathclyde. Recognized by National Geographic as one of seven ‘Explorers for the Millennium,’ he has conducted extensive field research in Tibet’s Tsangpo Gorge region, specifically in Beyul Pemakö, the ‘hidden land arrayed like lotuses.’

Baker has authored seven critically acclaimed books on Himalayan and Tibetan cultural history, environment, art, and medicine, and contributed to various academic publications on subjects like yoga, sacred geography, and entheogenic substance use in Buddhism. Having studied under prominent Tibetan Buddhist luminaries, such as Chatral Sangye Dorje Rinpoche, Dudjom Jigdral Dorje Rinpoche, and Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, he also co-founded The Vajra Path with Dr. Nida Chenagtsang. This platform is dedicated to presenting Vajrayāna Buddhism in the contemporary world, merging ancient wisdom with modern perspectives.

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