Atisha’s Mahamudra and The Seven Point Mind Training

Join Lama Alan Wallace for a six-day retreat in which he presents pith instructions on Atisha’s Mahāmudrā and a full commentary on the classic Seven-Point Mind Training. 

About This Course

During this six-day retreat, recorded in 2022, Lama Alan Wallace presents a commentary on The Seven-Point Mind Training, which stems from the teachings of the 11th-century Indian Buddhist scholar and contemplative Atisha and was first written down by the 12th-century Tibetan monk Chekawa.

This training summarizes the bodhisattva way of life by integrating theories and practices for the cultivation of ultimate and relative bodhicitta.

Beginning with a careful investigation of the nature of the mind and its relation to nature as a whole, resulting in a realization of emptiness and dependent origination, this training then leads one to the experience of profound compassion and the transformation of all experiences into means of furthering one’s spiritual growth.

Atisha was not only one of India’s greatest pandits and bodhisattvas, but also a renowned siddha, or contemplative adept, who was trained by Naropa and other masters of Mahamudra.

Following his teachings on The Seven-Point Mind Training, Lama Alan also provides teachings on Atisha’s root text on Mahamudra, entitled, Essential, Synthesized Practical Instructions on Connate Union.

What's Included

The Teacher

B. Alan Wallace is one of the world’s leading scholars, writers, and teachers of Tibetan Buddhism, and an outspoken advocate for a revolution in the mind sciences, one that will replace the current paradigm of materialist reductionism with a new paradigm based on contemplative methods of inquiry into the nature and potentials of the mind.

With more than 40 years of formal studies in the Indo-Tibetan tradition (including 14 years as a monastic) and prestigious degrees from Amherst College and Stanford, he is uniquely qualified to bridge the gap between modern science and the time-tested approaches to contemplative practice preserved by multiple lineages. A student of the Dalai Lama and many other renowned teachers, he authored and translated more than 40 books on the philosophy of consciousness, Tibetan Buddhism and applied contemplative practice.

Detailed biography: https://www.alanwallace.org/about-alan-wallace/

Books by B. Alan Wallace: https://www.alanwallace.org/writings/books/

Other Languages

This retreat is also available in Spanish.

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