Conscious   Movement
Chi Kung


5 Week Course

29 June - 27 July 2022

10am - 11am

Dear Friends

This 5 week course in Conscious Movement Chi Kung focusses on the alignment of posture and breathing to enable a conscious presence whether sitting in meditation or in an ordinary every day activity.

The economy of posture and movement that is so created enables an effective access to energy resources flowing through your body, increases vitality and taps into our birthright resource of spontaneous joy.

Prepare yourself for the summer ahead – come join us for that hour that you take with you through the rest of your day!

May this practice be of benefit.


Support Your Posture In Meditation

~ Conscious Movement Chi Kung ~

5 Week Course
Wednesday 10.00 - 11.00 am BST
29 June - 27 July 2022

Join Dan Brierley for a new 5 week course.

These classes are focused on creating a conscious awareness of your posture and breathing in order to support your meditation practice, whether on the cushion, a chair, supine or walking.

Sliding Scale Of Fees:

  • Benefactor rate: £60
  • Standard rate: £50
  • Low Waged rate: £35

If your are a nun, monk, ordained minister or your require a partial or full scholarship please contact Jude –

Tao Te Ching (Lao Tsu) The Three Treasures

The first is Love.
The second is moderation.
The third is humility.

If you love, you will be fearless.
If you are moderate, you might always sense the abundance in life.
If you live in humility, you will be widely trusted.

These weekly classes help you build an active awareness of posture and breathing that strengthen spinal support and deepen the alignment of breath and body during your sitting meditation practice.

Emphasis is given to increasing inner awareness of posture, cellular connection, stillness, and inner balance.


Dan is skillfull in assisting support for all levels of physical ability – whether you meditate on a chair or the cushion.

All levels of abilities are welcomed.

Dan is a gentle and sensitive teacher.
I hope that you will enjoy his support and teaching
and benefit from his 30 years of accumulated wisdom & teaching!

The recording of the class allows you to guide your practice during the week, or if you are unable to attend the class in person. See you in class!!

Support Your Posture During Meditation

On Your Cushion Or Your Chair

Conscious Embodied Movement is a mindful and meditative practice that brings an integrated approach, blending Taoist breathing practices, Qi Gong & Western Therapeutic approaches to health and wellness.

‘Sitting, Standing or Moving’

Bringing together and blending nearly 30 years of my experience working with and practicing these systems.

Dan’s description of his course -

I imagine each class building on the previous session to help enhance and support those students who already have an established meditation practice or who would like to cultivate a practice.
No previous experience is required.

All abilities welcomed.

Each session will include:

Some warm ups – to mobilise and relax the body/mind and prepare for sitting.

Structure and alignment – body postural awareness alignment of the spine.

Spinal breathing – to support and maintain a more upright and balance posture whilst sitting.

Simple conscious movement flows – to blend with the warm ups and to support structural integration/awareness.

The breath – simple Taoist breathing techniques to integrate and balance

Daniel Brierley is a Cranio-Sacral Therapist, a Shiatsu Practitioner and for 14 years was a Senior Lecturer of the Chi Gung Elemental College.

About Dan - in his own words...

I have been working with Complementary Health Modalities for 30 years. Studying various physical therapy systems, not only to learn and to practice but also as a means of personal development. The single constant throughout that journey, the thing that bound all my therapy training together and gave me a framework to explore wellness has been my practice of Chi Kung.

Chi Kung is a very complex art whilst being super simple. There are so many schools and approaches to Chi Kung lots of different opinions about what Chi Kung is and what it can do. The fundamental meaning of Chi Kung is ‘Breathe Well’ or ‘Breath Work’. At its essence, the message is simple to Breathe Well when you Stand, Move, or Sit.

CCN operates a policy of sliding scale charges for its courses – in order that all may benefit from the courses available. Please contact Jude for the promo code if you require a full bursary for this course:

Monastics attend Gratis.

This is a LIVE ZOOM course.

The recording will be available to you to practice after the class.

A Weekly ‘Maintenance’ class will be available after the course to continue to develop the postures to strengthen the body in sitting during meditation.

No previous experience is required.

All abilities welcomed