Audio Recording: Retreat at Samye Dzong Buddhist Centre

Alan Wallace CEB 2012 small

Retreat at Samye Dzong Buddhist Centre

Audio Recording
With Dr. B. Alan Wallace.

Cultivating Emotional Balance Weekend

Recorded during 16-17 June 2012

2 days of teaching (Approx. 12 hours) on MP3

This single-disc format data DVD, (playable on computers and some disc MP3 players) contains the mp3 recordings of the two day retreat, in the form of teachings, meditations, discussions and text-based media, including a copy of the notes from the retreat.

We are offering this to you for £10. This charge includes postage and packing.

About This Retreat:

Over the past ten years, psychologist Paul Ekman and Alan Wallace have developed, taught, and scientifically studied their 42‐hour training program in “Cultivating Emotional Balance,” which integrates psychological and Buddhist theories and practices for achieving exceptional mental balance and well‐being. During this retreat, Alan Wallace will explain the essential features of this training, which includes the cultivation of meaningful ideals and aspirations, attention skills, mindfulness, and emotional regulation. The central theme of all these elements is the development of our ability to monitor our mental states so that we can make wise choices regarding our behaviour as we experience the whole range of mental impulses and states of consciousness.

The DVD also includes Public Talk “What Makes us Human”. In this lecture Dr Alan Wallace will discuss the diverse views from scientists, philosophers, theologians, and Buddhists on the question of what makes us human and present the Buddhist emphasis on the rarity and great value of human existence because it provides unparalleled opportunities for realizing our highest potential.