Recordings of Past Events

Past Events

Please click below for information and recordings from past CCN events

Alan Wallace, June 2012 – The Essence of Clear Meaning by Düdjom Lingpa

Alan Wallace, July 2013 – Balancing the Mind with the Power of Focused Attention – One day workshop 

Alan Wallace, July 2013 – Extracting the Vital Essence (Advice for Mountain Retreat) by Düdjom Rinpoche

Alan Wallace, April 2014 – Meditation, Stability, Clarity: Experiencing the Liberating Power of Full Attention

Alan Wallace, July 2015 – The Foolish Dharma of an Idiot Clothed in Mud and Feathers by Düdjom Lingpa

Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo, May 2016 – Atisha’s Mind Training

Alan Wallace, June 2016- The Way of Shamatha: Soothing the Body, Settling the Mind and Illuminating Awareness

Alan Wallace, June 2016 – A Lamp to Dispel Darkness by Mipham Rinpoche

Alan Wallace, August 2017 – The Four Applications of Mindfulness

Alan Wallace, September 2017 – A Summary of the View Meditation and Conduct by Yangthang Rinpoche

Alan Wallace, August 2018 – Seven Point Mind Training

Ian Baker, September 2018 – Mandalas of Fire and Light An Illustrated Talk on The Six Yoga Tradition of Tantric Buddhism